Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary School

I was appointed Principal of Wallin Elementary School and have been given the great joy of opening this new school in Madeira Canyon.  When the school opened in August 2010, it opened as an "Empowerment School" with top educators from around the valley partnering with you to educate your child.  Empowerment Schools are delegated greater autonomy, engagement, and accountability for the best deployment of their resources to increase student achievement. 

The vision of Wallin Elementary School is to "Empower" teachers to provide instruction commensurate with each student's ability level.  We realize that to be a successful student in all subject areas, one must be a successful reader.  Therefore, we have proposed to lengthen our school day to six and a half hours, adding more time to literacy instruction.

Teachers will also work in teams of three to provide instruction utilizing various grouping strategies and resources to meet the individual needs of each child.  We will also motivate and engage students in learning by integrating science instruction and the use of technology into the core subject areas of reading, writing and math.  To round out this exemplary education package, students will be exposed to, and participate in, visual and performing arts on a weekly basis. 

Committed to Excellence,

Michael O'Dowd, Principal